3d Medical Manufacturing

Inspection Equipment

Medical has a tremendous amount of Inspection equipment and capability at our disposal. From multiple CMM’s to approximately 1200 inspection gauges in our calibration data base

  • Micro Vu Excel Vision CMM’s
  • Micro Vu Video Toolmakers Microscopes
  • Deltronic & Mitutoyo Optical Comparators
  • Browne & Sharpe CMM’s
  • X-Met 3000TX+ material verification analyzing gun
  • Tesa Optical Scanner
  • Zygo Laser Microscope
  • Mitutoyo Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Digital Height Gages
  • Digital Thread Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo Profilometer
  • Perfect Punch Concentricity Gages
  • Digital Micrometers all sizes and anvil configurations
  • Electronic Super Micrometer
  • Digital Calipers
  • Full Pin gage Library
  • Thread plug and ring Library
  • Meiji Microscopes for visual inspection